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Old 05-11-2006, 03:41 PM
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Default Pittsburgh Zombie Walk


I host the new TV show "It's Alive" in Pittsburgh, PA. I will be organizing a Pittsburgh Zombie Walk/Pub Crawl in the very near future. With my ability to promote this on television, and the fact that we're in Pittsburgh, this promises to have a pretty good turnout.

Intrested parties should email me, I don't know how often I'll be checking this board.


Also, please visit our website. I'll be posting the Zombie Walk info there. We have a message board full of Pittsburgh freaks as well so please pay us a visit.
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Old 09-19-2006, 09:00 PM
MissDee MissDee is offline
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Default Details on Pittsburgh Zombie Walk

September 22, 2006 - details at www.theitsaliveshow.com

All horror enthusiasts are formally invited to participate in Pittsburgh's first ever Zombie Walk. The event will take place in Pittsburgh's South Side on September 22, 2006.

The plan is pretty simple:

7:30 PM - All Zombies report to The Town Tavern

Apply make up if you haven't already. Spotlight Costume will be there to apply zombie make up for anyone who needs it. Practice saying "Braaaiiinnnss....need braaaiiinnnnssss".

Early arrivals - The Town Tavern 's happy hour is from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

8:00 PM - Begin Walk.

Zombies exit Town Tavern and shamble about for a period of one hour. Eat, drink, explore the shops, but when on the street you must stay in Zombie Mode.

(See Rules of Conduct & "What is a Zombie Walk" below)

9:00 PM - Zombies Disperse.

The Zombie Walk is over. But wait! There's more...

The cast from It's Alive, Pittsburgh's own Horror Host TV show will be appearing at The Rex Theater (about 3 blocks from The Town Tavern) after the walk.

Showtime will be 9:00 PM

Festivities at The Rex will include:

Filming of the It's Alive Halloween Show

The Comedy Stylings of Stiffy The Dead Clown

Performances by the bands DEATH****** and The Forbidden 5

and a special screening of

Night of the Living Dead

Uninterrupted and in its entirety

Sponsored by George A. Romero's Fright Nights

Meet Kyra Schon

the actress who played child zombie Karen Cooper in the movie

Tickets 13.00 at the door

No advance ticket sales so don't be late!

The Rex Theatre
1602 E. Carson Street, South Side Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Phone:412-381-6811

Zombie Rules of Conduct

1. Use the "haunted house" rule in that you are not to touch anyone.

2. Do not attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant. If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction. Avoid confrontations!

3. Stay on the sidewalk unless crossing the street. When crossing, it's OK to "break character" and cross quickly. Think fast "New Dawn of the Dead" zombies verses the slower "Old Dawn of the Dead" zombies when crossing the street. Blocking traffic is a crime and anyone doing so could be arrested.

4. No drugs. None. Forget it.

5. No alcohol outside the bars. This will get you a nice fine.

6. No littering, destruction of property, or any other illegal activity. Pretend the South Side is your own neighborhood and show the utmost respect. This is something we would like to do many times a year and we don't want to ruin it. Remember, the media will be watching us (along with the Pittsburgh Police) and this event could get world wide news coverage. Let's put on a good show.

What is a Zombie Walk?

A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of two or more people who dress up in zombie costumes and make up. Usually taking place in an urban centre, the participants make their way around the city streets and through shopping malls in a somewhat *****ly fashion and often limping and gnawing their way towards a local cemetery (or movie theater).

During the event participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies and to communicate only in a manner consistent with zombies (such as grunts, groans and slurred moans calling for “brains”.)
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Old 09-30-2006, 09:13 AM
MissDee MissDee is offline
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Very nice turn out for the walk - thanks to all who participated.

Photos are posted on the message board at www.theitsaliveshow.com.
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