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Old 10-30-2007, 03:03 AM
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Default Zombie Hunting!

First off, I wanted to thank the zombies for being such good sports about being ambushed. You didn't know it was coming since it wasn't a "planned feature" of the event, but you all reacted in character so kudos to you! I must say that I have never had as much fun being eaten as I did in the snowdrift behind the dumpster.

The zombie walk overall was simply amazing. Although my friends and I sat in my vehicle with the heater on, joking about zombies shambling past with Starbucks Coffee cups in their hands, or how they were moving much faster at the end of the walk than at the beginning because the cold was getting to everyone, it was an awesome sight. When we opened fire from ambush it happened just as it should have; a couple zombies stopped and turned down the alley with the rest continuing on. I even heard one zombie stop and mutter "arrr-uhhh?" at the first shots. Once they noticed a new food source, however, they all started moving down after the hunters, just like the movies. Unlike the movies, however, our Nerf ammo didn't do anything to stop the advancing horde. Also unlike the movies, the hunters all died with empty guns! When the four of us entered the Mall behind the zombies for a second round (after a decent period of playing zombie ourselves) with our Nerf shotguns at the ready, we actually received some applause from the shoppers hiding in the stores. And nothing was as gratifying (or as embarrassing) as the hoots, hollers, and applause from the zombies at the end of the walk.

For us four "hunters" it was just a spur-of-the-moment decision to do it, but I think that it added to everyone's enjoyment. I know that I, personally, am looking forward to the next "undead stroll" through Fairbanks! Perhaps the hunting will take on it's own role within the structure you guys have created. Regardless, it's a night that I and my three fellow hunters will never forget and my only regret is not bringing along a video camera or taping a digital camera on to my gun to get more pictures. That being said, I just wanted to include some rules for anyone else interested in hunting the undead.

Rules for Hunters

1. Watch where you set up an ambush or fight the walking dead. You want to "kill" them, not kill them by forcing them into a dangerous area (like a street).

2. Nerf guns work well, especially those with velcro tips to catch on clothing. Ping-pong ball shooters and cap guns work equally well. Paint ball guns, pellet or BB or airsoft guns, and super soakers in cold temperatures are NOT ok to use. Even a fake chainsaw can come in handy as a back-up weapon! Make sure the "weapons" are not modified and are clearly toys, for everyone's safety and peace of mind. NOTHING REAL!!!!

3. If ANYONE has a problem with what you're doing (bystander, zombie, police officer, etc) then stop IMMEDIATELY. The point is for everyone to have fun, not spend the night in jail or be the cause of a lot of therapy or, worse, medical bills.

4. Avoid shooting at the kids. Yes, they make great targets sometimes and are the most enthusiastic about killing "hunters" but it's also easier to hurt them by accident.

5. HAVE FUN! Use common sense, make sure you aren't doing anything dangerous or illegal, and it could actually spice things up for everyone.
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Old 10-30-2007, 12:28 PM
Zomby Zomby is offline
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Default You rock

I also would like to thank the Hunters! Yes it was a huge surprise, but you guys were perfect! Thank you very, very much for helping make the 2007 Zombie Walk such a giant sucess!
Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!
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Old 10-31-2007, 03:13 AM
ShottyMcChainsaw ShottyMcChainsaw is offline
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Yeah, I was one of the hunters there, along with ZombieHunter and two other comrades. It was a fantastic time, fun was had by all. Of course, us Hunters had an easier time than the zombies; we just followed ahead of them until they shuffled into a place we thought would be good to jump 'em from. I too would like to thank the zombies; you guys were pretty good sports about it. After I got eaten, the guys who made a meal of me helped me to my feet and even gave my ch41ns4wz0rz(chainsaw) back, after whisper-groaning "You're one of us now". And shuffle I did, at least for a little while. then I cut back to find the rest of my group and locate all our ammo.
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