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Old 07-06-2012, 01:06 AM
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Cool Constructive Criticism on my ZW plans please

This is my first time trying to organize a ZW. i've read through a few forums and i've had most of my questions answered, so a big thank you to everyone.

1.) I know i want to do it for charity and have read that taking monetary donations could possibly be a hassle with the IRS and taxes and whatnot. So i was thinking a food drive would be better. I think it's awesome people do it for charity by the way!

2.) But i'm also looking to make a bit of money for myself to cover expenses throughout the entire ordeal. i was thinking of making shirts, stickers, and possibly buttons. good idea or bad?

3.) i'm going to start a facebook page (Odessa Zombie Walk) to advertise but also look into getting sponsors such as radio stations to get the word out and make flyers to put up at colleges and stores (if allowed).

4.) I know i'll have to get permits and will have to pay for some things out of pocket. which is why i stated item number 2.

5.) I also like the rules that Zombi made so i'll post that on my page and hand out copies at the walk.

6.) i plan on getting several people to walk amongst the hordes and take pics and video.

7.) i still haven't set up a route, mainly because my town sucks, but i do know i want to do it near park. Maybe my college.

8.) As stated before i want a park or college simply for the space, i plan on making a game that is played either before or after the walk. Have survivors run from the zombies maybe? or perhaps if i get enough sponsors maybe have an obstacle course similar to the runforyourlives.com zombie run.

Can someone please give me feedback. Constructive criticism perhaps? Any ideas for what else we can do besides walk. No need to be gentle... i can take the hate... zombies don't have feelings after all.
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