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checking with the local law enforment is never a bad idea, though I've never heard of police problems at a walk anywhere before...

time of day is negligable I think. Most of the ones I help do we start early / mid afternoon, and end around twilight, just before it gets dark. A lot of times we talk to night clubs or theatres or w/e to organise after parties as well.

Route planning is pretty much up to you. Personally I like the downtown industrial atmosphere, with bits of suburbia dashed in as well. One of the reasons I like doing them on weekends, is most downtown areas tend to be more deserted on these days. Having people around to scare is fun, and awesome, don't get me wrong. But, having the zombies out number them, in such an iconic piece of civilization's might as a downtown area for example really adds to the apocalyptic feel I think.

Hope that helps
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