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Thanks for the emails, I recieved two.

"Hi there! ZombieWalk Columbus is Saturday May 14th at 5pm. Visit for all the details and add us on Facebook ( if you haven't already"

"I saw your post on asking about a Columbus Zombie Walk. it's coming up next month! May 14th is the date, and everyone is meeting up at Goodale Park. I'll be photographing the walk... hope to see you there"

5pm seems kinda late, I'm exicted though and look forward to attending my first. Off to the thrift store to find something to wear and stomp it into the ground, ha ha, I'll bring my camera as well and see if i can bring a friend to take the pictures, Carring a camera wouldn't quite fit I think. I'll have to find some Trioxin or see if I can make it. Lots of work to do in a short time. See you there!
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